Air is present in the atmosphere at Atmospheric Pressure. This is pressed or compressed into a smaller volume to produce compressed air. When the air is compressed, the temperature rises and moisture in it condensates. As the compressed air system cools down during consumption, it experiences air.

Compressed Air is a vital utility for almost all industries. Air compressor comprises a series of equipment and instruments to form a complete system.

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Heatless Air Dryer


Air Compressor

Tas offer a complete range of air compressors manufactured by HITACHI.

Reciprocating Type:

Air Compressor

1. Bebicon compressors-oil-free and oil-flooded.
2. Oil-free air Compressor models range from 1.5Kw to 11Kw, this is applicable to both Automatic Unloader and Pressure Switch types.
3. The Oil-flooded Compressors rangs from 0.75Kw to 15Kw (Automatic Unloader type) and ranges from0.75Kw to 11Kw for the Pressure- Switch type
4. The vertical Oil- flooded compressors range from 3.7Kw to 7.5Kw.
5. HITACHI so offers Packaged Oil Flooded Bebicon & Packaged Oil Free Bebicon whith canopy and electronics control.

Rotary Screw Type:

Air Compressor

1. The Hiscrew Compressors and DSO Screw Compressor are the two type of Hirachi Screw Compressors.
2. Hisrew compressors are oil flooded type compressor ranging from Hiscrew 2000 (15Kw to 75Kw) and Hiscrew (100kW to 240kw) available in Air Cooled and Water Cooled type.
3. Hitachi DSP Screw Compressors are Oil Free Type compressor which was released with the concept of higher energy efficiency, great convenience and easy operation. It ranges from 22Kw to 120Kw and coms in Air Cooled and water Cooled type.

Scroll Air Compressors:

Air Compressor

1. Hirachi also offers Scroll Air Compressors for silent operation requirements Capacity


TAS offers a complete solution of compressed air accessories manufactured by TRIDENT Pneumatics.

Moisture Separator(TFM): Moisture Separators separates liquid water particles from the compressed air. The Knitted wire mesh is used to filter the water.

Oil Filter (TFO): Oil Filters contains Activated carbon as the media which adsorbs burnt oil vapours that come out from the compressor.

Micron Filters (G): Micron filters separate liquid water parties from compressed air. The Knitted wire mesh is used to filter the water.

Auto Drain Valves (Timer Based) (EDV): The drain is controlled by a timer. THe timer modle periodically activates the value.

Auto Drain ValVes (Level Sensing) (LDV): Compressed air with condensate enters the Drain Valve. The Condensate Level Raises till it touches the Level Sensor. Condensate touches the Level sensor. The Microprocessor Based controller realizes the upper level reached state and energizes the Solenoid Valve. Condensate leaves the Drain Valve due to differential pressure.

Refrigeration Dryer (CS): With Coldspell Refrigeration Dryer, the compressed air is cooled down to +3^0C by means of a refrigerant. At this cool temperature, water condenses into liquid droplets, which are removed from the air stream by a very efficient Demister.

Desiccant Dryer (DRYSPELL & DP): wet compressed air passes through desiccant bed, it gets completely dried.

Air Receiver (ARV): Air Receivers is the temporary storage for the Compressed Air.


A wide variety of Piping materials are available in the market like Mild Stee;, Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel and plastic alloys. Ms & Gs is cheapest but lead to corrosion in due course of time. SS id extremely high in cost and plastic alloys leads to leakages in the system.

ATS offers Corrosion-proof aluminum alloy piping. The Pipe material has been engineered so as to counter the common problem of corrosion which results in scaling and porosity resulting in pressure drop and leakages. As per the latest data, a leakage from a hole of a size of 800 microns represents a loss of Rs 150000 annually. Minimal pressures drop by the virtue of long-lasting internal smooth surface of the pipe resulting in laminar flow as compared to the turbulent flow of the mild steel pipe material, This results in huge energy saving. British compressed air society confirms for every 1 bar of pressure drop the compressor represents a 7% increase in compressor energy cost.

Zero Leakage: Our “Aluminium Alloy Piping” pipe and fitting a system ensures that there are no leakages from the piping and the components and comes with a 10 years zero leak guarantee. Plus there are many more benefits such as: no water retention in the system is charged, scientifically designed fittings which ensure full flow and minimum pressure loss at drop points, inbuilt sturdiness and flexibility in the system to ensure any future expansions plus many more.

TAS offers a complete system design for their customers.


Compressed Air Distribution system is an important part of the system. A well designed and properly chosen distribution systen materials can lead ti minimum pressure loss across the system, ensure the completely dry and clean air and increases the life of the distribution systems. clean air and increases the life of the distribution system.

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