Hot Water Storage Tanks

Hot Water Storage Tanks are manufactured in India from high-quality MS and Stainless Steel and are functionally designed to withstand all types of corrosion, including crevice corrosion and stress corrosion. For best performance, our tanks employ high-recovery smooth tube coils.

Hot Water Tanks have great mechanical strength, which ensures longevity, and automated welding techniques, post-weld curing, and individual weld verification ensure each strong individual weld. FireSlab Water Systems Hot Water Tanks can withstand pressures of up to 9 bar.

FireSlab Water Systems Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks provide a dependable and cost-effective solution to commercial hot water heating and storage needs. Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks recover quickly and are ideal for high-demand applications.

FireSlab’s Hot Water Storage Tanks are available in various dimensions according to the client’s requirements and needs.  

The Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks from FireSlab Water Systems are built of high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and chemical abrasion and is intended to endure high pressure and compression.

Hot Water Tanks India

Because all of the pieces of FireSlab Water Systems’ Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks are welded with argon, they are simple to use and handle. Its well-designed appearance provides an attractive and aesthetic vibe that complements many sorts of home settings.

Since it is manufactured with the latest well-equipped CNC machinery and the latest techniques like cutting and bending and for any other structural flaws by our highly qualified professional staff according to Indian and international industry standards guidelines, FireSlab Water Systems’ Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks are 100% quality checked and tested.

Benefits of hot water tank:

  • Efficient use of solar energy using a natural principle for hot water and heating
  • Simple functional concept without complicated technology or supplementary electrical energy
    (gravity circulation principle)
  • Backup heating from all common systems is possible
  • Inflow absorbers prevent the layers in the tank from mixing – especially during heat pump operation
  • Hygienic water heating due to two special corrugated stainless steel pipes1 (DN 40, 1.4404)
  • 5 temperature measuring points (sensor pockets) for each of the three temperature sensors on the tank
  • Access flange DN 200 from 1500 litres
  • Prepared for use with 2 electric screw-in heating elements (photovoltaic feed-in

We have a pressurized hot water storage tank, MS hot water tank, SS hot water tank, and an Insulated hot water tank. Download our product profile to access offline.

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