We have authorized sales and service partners of Oxymat A/S in Nepal. Oxymat, a Danish-based company is specialized in designing and manufacturing on-site medical oxygen generators using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. They have been manufacturing medical oxygen generator since 1978 and they possess first-hand knowledge of the market, developments, demands and possibilities that PSA technology holds.

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Oxygen Generator


They are headquartered just north of Copenhagen, Denmark and have several employees working in manufacturing locations in Denmark and Slovakia. Oxymat customers are global and they have strong service backup.

Oxymat standard generator systems are available in nearly several standard models, and they cover oxygen flowrates from 0,6 to 322 m³/hr,

PSA Oxygen & Nitrogen Generator Systems

A) Working Principal

  • Oxymat A/S uses two columns system having molecular sieves to ensure continuous production.
  • Dry compressed air is blown through a valve to the vessel where the pressure is built to reach 5 to 7 bar(g). Nitrogen is tied to a molecular sieve during the building of pressure, and the oxygen is allowed to pass through to the accumulation tank.
  • While pressure is built in one vessel, the second remains without pressure.
  • A part of the produced gas is used for the regeneration of the molecular sieve.
  • For Oxygen, Zeolite type 13X is used. The molecular sieve is fully regenerative and has a life span on to 40.000 operation hours.
Oxygen Generator Working Principle

The entire PSA system can be subdivided into the following:

  • Compressed air system (Air compressor, Refrigeration dryer, Air receiver & Filters).
  • PSA skid
  • Oxygen receiver
  • Oxygen boosting & Filling Station (optional)

B) Optional supplies

  • Panel Display with electro-galvanized sensor
  • Touch Screen with zirconium sensor
  • GSM modem for Touch Screen
  • Medical upgrade kit (Coalescing tower and bacterial filtration)
PSA Medical Oxygen Generator

1. Compressor
Increases air to the required level of pressure

2. Dryer
Removes moisture from the air (air humidity) by cooling

3. Coal tower
Adsorbs harmful organic impurities such as oil vapours and hydrocarbon compounds

4. Air tank
Accumulates the necessary volume of air for the PSA generator

5. Zeolite
Filling with its ion-exchange beds traps nitrogen molecules and allows oxygen molecules to stream through

6. High Purity Oxygen
Flows from PSA generator to product tank and is ready for use. Oxymat can design and install a medical oxygen-generating system with all its proper capabilities, monitoring and alarm system to reflect all safety requirements. The unit is equipped with a touch controller for easy access and automatically calls alarms and switches to back up the supply when malfunctioning occurs. Oxymat oxygen generating systems are designed for 24-hour, 365 days per year operation. Cylinder filling backup provides safe delivery of Oxygen to the hospital pipeline system so that you are no longer dependent on unstable deliveries and fluctuating gas prices. Investing in an oxygen system is quickly earned in savings. The average oxygen production cost is 1.2 kWh per cubic meter of oxygen produced and the payoff from most models is earned within the first year of operating.

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