Solar Water Heating System

TiSUN is a premier solar company engaged in designing, manufacturing and installing solar air heaters, solar water heaters and Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) electrical appliances. TiSUN has many success stories in the usage of solar power across a broad spectrum – Industrial applications, Agro based products, Remote independent driers, and Commercial and domestic applications. The technology pioneered by TiSUN provides low-cost, non-fossil fuel-based methodologies for processing fruits, fish, vegetables, and spices and reducing fossil fuel through preheating for many industrial products. A company dedicated to producing quality work & exemplary customer services backed by years of real-world experience.

Our Vision:

  •  To develop world-class projects in harnessing solar energy for the benefit of the common man
  • Widespread use of solar heating (both air and water) in Indian industries and agro-processing in order to herald the dawn of the solar age in the country
  • To provide healthy food and employment to the rural mass and to reduce wastage in food processing, especially in fruits, vegetables and fish by adopting solar-assisted dehydration         and value addition
  • Customer Delight – To provide best-in-class service and sales follow-up to all customers


  • Electroplating Industry
  • Spinning Industry
  • Cycle Industry
  • Dairy Farms
  • Poultry Farms, Etc.

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Thermal Solar Water Heater
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