It is a fact that in every commercial or industrial building, thousands of dollars are spent on ensuring that the final finishes of the walls are smooth and as perfect as possible. However, it is also a fact that smooth walls do not last in areas such as loading bays, car parks or corridors that are used for transportation or have heavy human traffic.

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Door Protection


 What can be done to prevent the walls from being damaged and becoming an eventual eyesore? The solution – Wal Guard Surface Protection System, a comprehensive range of surface protection products that safeguards and minimises damage to vulnerable parts of buildings and lessen the need for constant maintenance.

With many years of solid experience in the industry, TSIE has developed a comprehensive range of surface protection systems for the hospital industry. Called Wal Guard Surface Protection System, the product offers new solution to perennial problems in hospitals – damages found on doors, walls, kiosks, lifts, counters or areas subjected to constant wear and tear, as a result of high pedestrian traffic and trolley usage.

Wal Guard Surface Protection System offers a wide range of products that are designed to protect interior wall systems of a building and to minimise damage. Quality is the cornerstone of TSIE’s success. These are manufactured under strict quality control standards and using the best available materials.

Through various research and development programs, TSIE is committed to introduce new and innovative surface protection system for the hospital industry. The company provides complete solution to assist customers in addressing their most demanding requirements.

Bumper Guard System

Bumper Guard

The Wal Guard Bumper Guard System protects walls that are susceptible to trolley traffic, preventing unsightly scuffs and costly damage. This system is designed to withstand impact and provides a cushioned surface with its integrated rubberized absorber, making it ideal for areas like high traffic corridors, loading bays and light cargo lifts.

Handrail System

Handrail System

Wal Guard Handrail is a dual-purpose wall protection system. Other than providing a replaceable scratch-resistant and impact-absorbing surface that protects walls susceptible to trolley traffic, Rail Guard also serves to support building users in the ambulating of stairs, corridors and other common areas.

Corner Guard System

Corner Guard System

Wal Guard Corner Guards are designed to be the solution for scuffed and damaged wall corners and columns. Corner Guards are replaceable, scratch-resistant and absorb impact – providing an effective shield against damage and costly repairs.

Door Guard System

Door Guard System

Push Plate and Kick Plate provide effective protection for doors. Manufactured from a special material which is UL-94 V-0 fire-rated and resistant to scratches and fungus, Wal Guard’s Door Plate and Kick Plate are suitable even for extended outdoor use. The products are designed for easy installation onto existing doors. These are also available in various colours to coordinate and complement with the environment, as well as other Wal Guard surface protection products.

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