Kent Elster Metering limited is the new name of the world renowned Kent Meters. Elster Metering is an industry leader and world-class provider of advanced metering products and intelligent metering solutions. Elster’s long lasting success comes from ifs heritage of innovation and quality. By combining high quality, highly accurate meters with information technology solutions and wireless communications, Elster is taking metering to the next generation.

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Water Meter

A. M170

The M170 multi-jet meter operates on the velocity principle where water enters the measuring chamber through a number of ports and drives a rotor. The velocity of the rotor is proportional to the flow. Available in sizes 15mm to 40mm with  nominal  flow  rotes  of  Qn l.5m3/h to Qn 1Om3/h.


  • The meter hos a sealed dry register
  • Register guarantees excellent security through a snap-fit locking system
  • Register hos 360 degree rotation ensuring easy readability
  • Conforms to ISO 4064 Closs B in the horizontal position,Closs A in the vertical position
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials for maximum resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Fitted with a mesh filter for added protection against debris
  • The meter hos external calibration
  •  Designed to make repairs fast and easy,deceasing maintenance costs
  • Maximum operating temperature of 40 C
  • Maximum working pressure of 10 bar

The Vl 00 (PSM) is the world’s favourite domestic volumetric meter, with over  50 million  already  in service  in over  100  countries. Available in sizes from 15mm to 40mm,with flow rotes of between 7.51/h and 20m3/h.


  • Optimum accuracy and performance at all times, in any position.
  • Revolutionary grooved piston for improved durability and performance.
  • Durable tomperproof construction.
  • Easy to read.
  • Pulse output available providing access to management information.
  • Robust, leak -proof construction.
  • Performance to ISO 4064 Closs C or D.
  • Maximum working temperature of 50°C.
  • Maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

B. M190

The M120 multi-jet meter is a dry dial register with the option of a pulse type. Available in sizes 15mm to 50mm with nominal flow rotes of Qn 1 .5m3/h to Qn 15m3/h.
Water & Oil Flow Meters


1. Nominal flowrote Qn 1.5 to 15 m3/H
2. EEC approval metrologicol class C•H
3. Suitable for both cold and worm water applications “-‘ M190 is the worm water version
4. ELSTER conText® inscription system
5. Replaceable meter inserts available
6. Good readability even at extreme
7. operational conditions “-‘ Optionally retrofittoble with pulse contoctors

C. H4000

The H4000 is a Woltmann-type meter designed for measuring bulk f lows of cold potable water for revenue billing in commercial or industrial applications and distribution system monitoring. Available in sizes 40mm to 300mm for flow rotes of between 0.35m3/h and 2000m3/h.
Water & Oil Flow Meters


1. Multiple pulsed output for increased management information. “-‘ Extended low and high flow performance.
2. Suitable for forward and reverse flow metering.
3. ISO 4064 Closs B specification for forward flow installations in the horizontal,vertical and inclined position.
4. ISO 4064 Closs 8 specification for the reverse flow for sizes up to 150mm.
5. Robust shroud and copper con register for long life and readability.
6. Use of on in-line strainer to protect the rotor. “-‘ Maximum working temperature of 50°C.
7. Maximum working
8. pressure of 16 bar.

D. H4300

The H4300 is a Woltmann-type horizontal vane hot water meter particularly suited to the high and sustained flows of bulk metering to a maximum temperature of 130 C (without the reed and opto switches). Available in sizes 50mm to 200mm for flow rates of between 1m /h and 500m3/h. Accuracy is maintained in both forward and reverse flow. The meter complies with all relevant international standards. Installations con be made in horizontal,vertical and inclined pipelines.
Water & Oil Flow Meters


1. Multiple pulsed output for increased management information.
2. The meter has a vacuum sealed dry register.
3. Suitable for forward and reverse flow metering.
4. Complies with all relevant international standards.
5. Robust shroud and register for long life and readability.

Can be installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines

1. without affecting accuracy.
2. Measurement mechanisms removable in-situ.
3. Maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

E. Oil Meters

Oil meters from Elster  provide an accurate, reliable and economical way of obtaining all the information a user needs to control oilusage and energy costs. The meters handle a wide range of viscosities,for a variety of applications including checking and totalising fuel for burners, furnaces and diesel engines,recording draw off from storage tanks, and measuring and controlling oilin batch or continuous petro-chemical process plant.
Oil Meter


1. Wide range of sizes from 4mm to 50mm, covering flow rates between 1l/h and 30,000l/h
2. Accuracy of +/-1% of reading with a repeatability of +/-0.2%
3. Sizes 4mm to 25mm are available with screwed end connections and 15mm to 50mm meters are available with flanged end connections
4. Registration is available in liters
5. Pulse output units are available for interface with management systems and remote readouts
6. Can be installed in a horizontal, vertical or inclined position
7. The unit hos aninbuilt safety filter

F. Q4000

The Q4000 is an electromagnetic water meter designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water for revenue  billing  in  commercial  or, industrial applications and distribution system monitoring. It can also be used for irrigation management of agricultural land. Available in sizes 50mm to 200mm for flow rates of between 0.16m3/h and 1250m3/h.

Water & Oil Flow Meters


1. Low Pressure Loss – Very low pressure loss keeps system pressures low,prevents bursts, reduces pumping costs.
2. Continuous 10-year battery life – no need for regular visits to maintain and replace the batteries.
3. Built-In earthing – no need for additional earthing rings and added installation complexity.
4. Sealed-for-Life" -IP68 rating and durable,stainless steel construction means no risk o f wateringress and subsequent damage to electronics.
5. Lightweight – ease of handling and installation.
6. Simple installation and no commissioning – simply “fit and go". High accuracy – 0.5 second sampling rate ensures every drop of water is measured.
7. Low-flow and High-flow – options to suit every flow profile, simple downsizing.
8. Easy-to-read display – large, bright LCD display is continuously on.
9. Long, proven experience in harsh environments.


A. T210 Electronic Outreader

Inexpensive and reliable, the ScanCounter T210 is the cost effective solution to meter reading access problems. The Scan Counter T210 electronic outreader is designed specifically for accurate counting of water meter pulse outputs. It incorporates an easy to read display.
Water & Oil Flow Meters


1.High integrity pulse counting
2.Fully configurable
3. long battery life
4. Operates at -30 C to 70 C
5. leak detection
6. Touch Free’ reading
7. Display meter reading
8. Holds last read value
9. ‘Bypass’ & ‘Main’ display icon
10. 8 digits displayed
11.Supports bi-directional pulsers
12. Incorporates a watchdog
13. Installed away from pit meters improving access safety
14. Installed in easy to access locations to deal with difficult to access meters

B. PR7 Pulse Genertors

Highly robust Elster’s PR6 nd PR7 solid state pulsers from the bases of an ultra reliable Automatic Meter Reading System. Combing the inductive technology of the PR6 and PR7 with Elster’s TRC600 radios generates one of the industry’s most advanced and reliable AMR installations. Suitable for both Walk-by and Fix Networks Emeris meets the AMR needs of today’s progressive Water   Utility.

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